Heliotherapy Self Treatment

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Can I do heliotherapy on my own?

Heliotherapy Self Treatment

You can do heliotherapy on your own using a home tanning bed or visiting a commercial tanning salon. The point is to get more sunlight or UV rays in order to feel better.

You can also use a lightbox, which is more portable than even the smallest indoor tanning canopy. Some people cannot afford a tanning bed or tanning canopy. You also may not be able to get out to a tanning salon. A lightbox is a small portable box with the same sort of lighting you would get from a tanning bed. You can even set timers on a light box to shed light into the room a certain times of the day. There are instructions you can follow to learn how to do this.

Before diagnosing and treating yourself, talk to your physician. Discuss your concerns with your doctor and come up with a sensible plan together.



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