Tanning Lamp Lifespan

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What is the average lifespan of a tanning bulb?

Tanning Lamp Lifespan

Average tanning bed bulbs will last about 1000 hours depending on your exact voltage. In most cases, your owner manual will tell you exactly how long the tanning lamp bulbs work.

You should not wait until the bulbs fail before you replace them. If you replace them regularly, your tan will not suffer. Tanning lamp bulbs start to fail after the first 100 hours. You should replace your bulbs after the first 500 - 600 hours.

Be sure you tan at a place that can tell you when the bulbs were changed last, so you know for sure that you are getting a great tan. They should also know exactly when they will change the bulbs again, based on the volume of people they tan, and the number of hours on their bulbs. Just remember, the newer the bulbs, the better the tan.



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