Getting Started with Tanning

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How do I get started with indoor tanning?

Getting Started with Tanning

Despite what is assumed by most people who are new to indoor tanning, a tan is something that is worked on. People who get tans don't get them on the first go. They need to build on a tan slowly and regularly. A tanning bed is helpful in getting the perfect tan in just the right amount of time.

If you go too long before your next visit to a tanning bed, the tan you have may start to fade. It is recommended you wait at least 48 hours though before you go for your next session. If you can wait a little bit longer, it is better as it helps your tan develop into your skin. This may vary with every person so be aware of this and talk with a professional before going back to the tanning bed too soon.

In the beginning, you can go to the tanning bed at a professional tanning place three times a week. After you've developed a tan, you can preserve it by going back in twice a week.



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