More Tips for Tanning Bulbs

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What are some more things to know about tanning lamps?

More Tips for Tanning Bulbs

More things to know about tanning bulbs (tanning lamps) from MasterTanning, supplier of Wolff and SunQuest tanning bulbs:

  • If a lamp flickers or goes black, that means it's time for replacement.
  • Replace all tanning lamps at once to keep tanning regulated and even.
  • A UV reader will save you time and money by giving you an exact usage reading on your bulbs.
  • Keep a bed with older bulbs or save your older bulbs for clients with extremely fair, sensitive, or aging skin.
  • Wolff tanning bulbs are recommended by professionals. The history of Wolff tanning bed bulbs and equipment goes back to the invention of the modern tanning bed. Wolff has been a leader in the industry ever since.
  • If you need to know how to change tanning bed bulbs or face tanning lamps, check your manual to be sure you have the correct replacement parts. You must use the same type of bulb or you could cause a serious injury or accident. Never use bulbs from an unknown source.
  • To change a bulb, unplug the tanning bed, pop out the old bulb, and put the ends of the new bulb into place. Be sure it's locked in place and move to the next bulb.
  • Beware of tanning bulbs on sale anywhere but from a dealer or manufacturer. Used bulbs are often resold on the Internet.
  • Your old tanning bed bulbs can be recycled.


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