Air Brush Tanning

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What is the difference between a tan from the sun and an airbrush tan?

Air Brush Tanning

Spray on tanning (or air brush tanning) is a great way to achieve a golden glow without the worry of skin damage from the sun. The history of spray tanning began in the 1960s, along with the advent of tanning beds, when skin cancer was discovered to be a result of overexposure to the sun. Airbrush tanning systems can be found at your local tanning bed retailer or you can go to spray tanning salons to get a smooth, natural looking tan. Home sunless tanning lotions and sprays are another way to look tan, but they require longer to dry and even application is more difficult than what you get with a spray tanning machine. Air brush tans also have the advantage of being less "hands on," meaning you won't have to worry about hiding stains from sunless tanning lotion on your hands or clothes. In spray tanning booths, tanning solution is applied to your body and dries very quickly. Airbrush spray tanning lasts between five and seven days. Your tan will last longer if you use the recommended moisturizer available from your salon or tanning supply retailer. You can also use spray tanning in conjunction with tanning booths to achieve a worry-free tan. If you are looking for spray tanning systems to buy for your home or salon, consult a reputable dealer of tanning salon equipment and products. Always follow recommended safety guidelines when using spray on tanning equipment and/or tanning booths.



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