Light Therapy

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What is light therapy?

Light Therapy

What is light therapy? Light therapy, or heliotherapy, is the use of natural or artificial light to treat certain conditions, including seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sleep disorders, non-seasonal depression, acne, and psoriasis. Facial light therapy has been used since the 1980's, when scientists found that the decreased amount of exposure to sunlight in winter may adversely affect a person's mood and psychological well-being.

Light therapy boxes are available over-the-counter, but some have found relief for certain problems by using tanning booths. The exposure to UV rays contributes to vitamin D synthesis in the skin, making the moderate use of tanning beds a benefit to some sufferers. For those who want to receive light therapy for treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, psoriasis, and acne, the Rejuvasun 332, by MasterTanning, offers relief with or without whole body tanning. Rejuvasun is the first tanning bed with LED panel technology that uses yellow, amber, and super red LED wavelengths, offering more effectiveness through greater range of light than other tanning booths that offer only one wavelength.

Look for the Rejuvasun at your local tanning salon or for home use, see Light therapy may not be suitable for people who have glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, light sensitivity, bipolar disorder, or a rash accompanied by a fever. Always consult with your physician if you think you may have a problem and before using any type of therapy.



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