Determining How to Transport Your Used Bed

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How will I get my used tanning bed home?

Determining How to Transport Your Used Bed

Another important factor to consider when thinking about buying a used tanning bed is how you will transport the bed to your own home.

It is really difficult and expensive to ship a used tanning bed. Because they are so large and fragile, they needed to be shipped with a lot of packaging materials, it may not be worth the trouble. Sellers also may not want to go through the trouble of shipping their used tanning bed to a buyer.

If at all possible, try to purchase your used tanning bed locally and make sure you have enough packaging materials, such as foam, so you can easily travel with it. If you are travelling a long distance with your used tanning bed, make sure you make frequent stops to check on the bed and ensure that it is not getting damaged during the trip.



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