Consider the Age of the Bed

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What other questions should I ask the seller of the used tanning bed?

Consider the Age of the Bed

It is important to the age of the used tanning bed before you purchase it. While an older bed may still be efficient and suitable for your needs, you should be paying a price that fits its age.

If your used bed was purchased from a salon, it will probably have had more use than one purchased from someone's home. This means that while two beds may be the same age, one used it someone's home will probably have more life in it as it will not have been used as much.

Another reason that the age of a used bed is important to know is that the federal state and safety regulations are always changing. You will want to make sure that your bed is safe and fits the current safety regulations.

Make sure you also ask the seller how many repairs have been made and what kind of maintenance has been done over the years on the tanning bed.



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