Using Tanning Bed Rebuild Kits

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How will a tanning bed rebuild kit help me?

Using Tanning Bed Rebuild Kits

It may be a smart idea for you to purchase a tanning bed rebuild kit if you're interested in maintaining your beds on a regular basis to get the most power out of them. These kits usually cost around $20 and will include all of the products you need to successfully rebuild your tanning bed.

One of the main reasons your tanning beds need to be rebuilt is because the acrylics on your beds build up a broken down layer caused by the UV light over time. You can't see this with the eye, but your beds will not be as powerful as long as this layer of build-up exists. The reflectors and lamps on your beds may also get dusty, mostly caused from the cooling fans. Quick and easy to use, utilizing the products in rebuild kit once a year should keep your tanning beds in the best possible shape.



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