Knowing the Different Types of Lamps

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What about all the special types of lamps?

Knowing the Different Types of Lamps

There are many different types of lamps for tanning beds, but you should know whether or not these lamps are right for your beds.
Hotter lamps have less UVA and more UVB light, at 5.5% UVB or higher. These are different than the standard bulbs that usually come with beds, which have 4.2% and 5% UVB. These lamps are popular because they can stimulate the skin's melanin faster, however, they also more likely to cause burning and may cause a tanning peak in users sooner.

Bronzing lamps have a higher UVA strength and lower UVB. These lamps are the opposite of hotter lamps in that they will tan users slower but darker, rather than quicker but less dark.

There is often debate over which color lamps are better than others. The truth is, it doesn't matter what color the lamp is, it is the strength or the UV light that makes the difference. Lamps can be made in any color, and though you may like the look of a pink lamp over that of a blue lamp, it will not affect the tanning of the user.



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