Determining If You Need Lamp Starters

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Do I need lamp starters and how often do I need to change them?

Determining If You Need Lamp Starters

Before purchasing lamp starters, you should determine whether or not you need them. In many cases, tanning beds with 24 or more lamps do use lamp starters; however, some of the newest beds do not need them. The seller you purchase your tanning bed from should tell you whether or not you need lamp starters, but you probably will need them if your bed has 24 or more lamps.

It is important to know that if you use lamp starters, you don't need to change them every time you change your lamps. You should pay close attention to whether or not any of the lamps on your tanning beds are slow to start. If your lamps do seem to be starting okay, a good rule of thumb to use is to change your lamp starters every year if your beds are getting a lot of use.

If you own a tanning bed for your home, you shouldn't need to replace your lamp starters as often and can probably go up to five to ten years before changing them. Just be sure to pay close attention to how well the lamps are starting.



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