What Size Lamps Are Needed For Tanning Beds

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What size lamp do I need to purchase for my tanning bed?

What Size Lamps Are Needed For Tanning Beds

You should always check the lamps you are currently using or the label on your tanning bed in order to determine what size replacement lamps you need to purchase. There are three main different sizes of lamps you could need: F71, F72, or F73. If you also need a facial lamp for your bed, you may also need to purchase an F59 lamp.

Most commonly, tanning beds use F71 lamps, which are about 71 inches long. These lamps are all 100 watts with two metal pins on each side, referred to as Bi-Pin; they simply twist into place much like any ceiling fluorescent light would.

Sometimes older tanning beds use F72 or F73 lamps. Instead of twisting these lights into place, they spring into place, have a black plastic cap on the end, and are referred to as RDC.

If you have an older, rare bed, you should always call a professional tanning bed lamp supplier before purchasing your lamps. It is extremely expensive to have your lamps shipped, realize you have the wrong size, and need to send them back.



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