Magnetic Ballasts

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What do I need to know about my tanning beds' magnetic ballast?

Magnetic Ballasts

Magnetic ballasts are much easier to use with your tanning beds and use the least electricity, but also function the worst out of all types of ballasts. Magnetic ballasts are easily recognizable as the large, heavy brick-shaped boxes that connect to two lamps each. They are not used very often today, but back in their day, they were considered to be state of the art. Today, they are still used with some older beds. Magnetic ballasts are thought highly of due to the fact that they are nearly indestructible. Magnetics have large tolerances for incoming voltages so you don't have to worry as much about having too high of a voltage or too low of a voltage. Also, if you make a mistake in wiring it, you won't run into as many issues as you would with a different type of ballast.



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