Mutiple Use Control Timers

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How can my salon benefit from multiple use control timers?

Mutiple Use Control Timers

Tanning bed timers are extremely important for tanning beds, in order to ensure that users are not staying in the bed for too long. However, a piece of equipment that will be even more beneficial to your salon is a multiple use control timer.

These timers, also known as front desk timers, can help you control many different aspects of your salon through one device and your salon's PC. Some of these timers can control session lengths in up to 64 beds at once. They will automatically stop each bed when the session is over. The timers also keep track of session counts, lamp hours, and bed hours.

In some cases it is also possible to purchase multiple timers so you can connect them together and place one in the tanning bed room. This way, customers can see how long their session is set for, see their delay time, and press start or stop to turn the bed on or off. However, they will not be able to change their session times as this will be controlled by the timer at the front desk.

Some of the most popular types of multiple use control timers are T-Max, CCs, TanTime, FST, and DataBase.



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