Tanning Bed Parts & Pillows

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What should a tanning bed have to make users as comfortable as possible?

Tanning Bed Parts & Pillows

Tanning bed pillows are an important part of your tanning bed. If you own a tanning salon, you need to make sure your customers are comfortable while lying in your beds. And if you have your own tanning bed, you will want something to rest your head on while tanning.

There are many different types of tanning bed pillows but the solid foam pillows seem to be the most comfortable and last the longest. These pillows cradle users' heads and don't slip or slide on the bed's surface. Because of the contours of the pillow, even if the user falls asleep his or her head won't tilt to the side. This results in an even tan without users having to worry if they want to take a relaxing nap while in the bed. The solid foam pillows are also much easier to clean than fabric covered pillows are. A disinfecting solution can simply be sprayed on and wiped off.



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